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вакансия от UNICEF только для гр. Таджикистана National Child Protecti ...

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National Child Protection Officer at National professional leve (NOB) (for Tajikistan nationals only)
Organization UNICEF
Closing date 2016-11-14
Re-advertisement of the vacancy
Duration of contract: November 2016 – August 2017 (9 months)
Type of appointment: Temporary Appointment
Office Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Closing date: 14 November 2016
1. Background
UNICEF aims to contribute to protecting children’s rights to survival, development, protection and participation, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable children. The new UNICEF Tajikistan Country Programme for 2016-2020 works towards influencing, improving and strengthening the policy and legal frameworks, as well as services related to early detection and intervention, childcare, education and social protection of children with disabilities (CWD). It also aims at generating evidence on the social norms that underlie the attitudes, behaviours and practices towards children and women with disabilities. Disability is mainstreamed in all the four Programme Components, namely Early Years, Learning, Adolescents, and Protective Environment.
The Protective Environment (PE) component combines both Child Protection and Social Protection programmatic areas. Through this programme, UNICEF aims to ensure that children who are most at risk benefit from a better functioning protective environment that prevents and responds to deprivation, violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. The programme consists of four programmatic sub-areas, i. e. childcare system reform, in particular for children with disabilities and children without parental care; justice for children (offenders, victims and witnesses of crime); prevention and response to violence against children; and social protection for vulnerable families and children.
Furthermore, the PE Section plays a convener role in the office with regard to the Results Group on Disability. In addition to the development and implementation of Child Protection and Social Protection interventions for CWD, it tries to promote synergy and complementarity across sectors and to promote a human rights-based approach to disability.
Since 2014, the PE Section has been managing the joint UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) project, promoting awareness on disability issues, and contributing to the UN advocacy efforts for the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and implementation of the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in selected districts. This project is jointly implemented by UNDP and WHO, and UNICEF plays a leading role in supporting the project Steering Committee, in reporting progress to and liaising with the donor.
To implement its planned activities under the PE programme, especially for the Childcare System Reform, UNICEF in Tajikistan works primarily with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MOHSPP) and its affiliated institutions, i. e. the Practical Training Unit on Social Work and Innovations (PTUSWI), the State Agency for Social Protection of the Population, the baby homes in Dushanbe and Sughd region, and Ombudsman for Child Rights and others. The programme also collaborates with district level partners, in particular the Rasht district local authority. Active collaboration is also established with other development partners, such as UN agencies (in particular UNDP, WHO, and UN Women) and the EU, among others. In addition, UNICEF works in partnership with international NGOs such as Mission East, Caritas Germany, Operation Mercy, with local NGOs such as the Coalition of Associations of Parents with Children with Disabilities, as well as Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs).
2. Rationale
To support the work of the PE Section with itsinterventions related to disability, the office seeks tohire aChild Protection Officer on a Temporary Appointment (TA) for a period of nine months. The person willwork more specifically on the UNPRPD project and other initiatives related to CWD and social services that are complexcross-sectoralprojectsimplying a wide range of partners in their implementation.
In carrying out his/her duties, the TA Child Protection Officer will work closely with the MOHSPP, WHO and UNDP, Tajikistan CBR Network, local NGOs, the Steering Committee of the UNPRPD project, as well as UNICEF staff across sections who focus on inclusive education and early detection and diagnosis of developmental delays and disabilities.
3. Scope of work
Under the direct supervision of the Chief, Child Protection, and with the guidance of the Child Protection Officer, the TA Child Protection Officer will support UNICEF work related to the childcare system reform, especially with regard to children with disabilities, and will work with other UNICEF Sections. He/she will contribute to enhancing the catalytic and convener role that UNICEF is well positioned to assume in advancing the rights of CWD and to achieving positive change and results in the quality of life of children with disabilities.
In particular, the TA Child Protection Officer will perform the following main tasks:
· Contribute to the overall management of the UNPRPD and Beckham Fund projects (e. g. monitor project implementation, enhance coordination with other implementing partners, draft progress and annual reports), which aim to promote the social inclusion and the rights of persons with disabilities with a focus on women and children with disabilities;
· Assist in disseminating the findings of the baseline study on Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviours, and Practices (KABP) regarding children and women with disabilities;
· Support the development and implementation of a Communication for Social Change (C4SC) Strategy and awareness raising campaign focusing on the inclusion of persons with disabilities, in particular women and children;
· Assist in managing the relationships with the various service providers and suppliers contracted in relation to the C4SC strategy and awareness raising campaign (e. g. event organiser, printing companies, TV and radio broadcasting companies);
· Assist in developing partnerships with NGOs, DPOs, youth organisations, etc., to contribute to the roll-out of the awareness campaign in the country;
· Assist in delivering secretariat functions for the Steering Committee (SC) of the UNPRPD project (i. e. organise periodic meetings, set the agenda in consultation with the SC; take minutes; follow up on agreed actions; share information among SC members, etc.);
· Assistin the preparatory phase of conducting the KABP end line study on children and women with disabilities;
· Contribute to managing the collaboration with Rasht district local authority aimed at providing CBR and outreach services to children with disabilities;
· Contribute to UNICEF participation in and facilitation of the Tajikistan CBR Network and possible support to CBR initiatives supported by UNICEF together with other partners;
· Contribute to the capacity building of the Coalition of Associations of Parents of Children with Disabilities;
· Explore linkages with Learning Section in relation to issues of inclusive education;
· Explore linkages with Early Years Section in relation to early detection and diagnosis interventions;
· Contribute inputs to donor reports and other documents in relation to the above-mentioned tasks / activities.
4. Expected deliverables
· UNPRPD project is effectively and timely coordinated towards achievement of planned results;
· UNPRPD project Steering Committee is effectively supported to provide oversight and quality assurance to the project (i. e. quarterly meetings are held, well attended, minutes are drafted and circulated in a timely manner, follow-up actions are taken);
· Baseline KABP study is finalised and disseminated among stakeholders;
· Preparatory phase of the endline KABP study is initiated (e. g. drafting of TOR for consultancy);
· Communication for Social Change strategy to promote the inclusion of children and women with disabilities is developed in consultation with diverse stakeholders (including adolescents, CSOs, UN and Government partners) and the campaign is effectively rolled out across the country;
· The relationships with the various service providers and suppliers contracted in relation to the C4SC strategy and awareness raising campaign (e. g. event organiser, printing companies, TV and radio broadcasting companies) are managed effectively and smoothly (e. g. delays are minimised and problems are resolved in a timely manner);
· Collaboration with Rasht district local authority toward the provision of CBR and outreach services is effectively supported;
· UNICEF contribution to the running and facilitation of the CBR Network is effectively provided;
· Networking and advocacy capacity of the Coalition of Associations of Parents of Children with Disabilities is further enhanced;
· Internal inter-sectoral collaboration on CWD is enhanced;
· Timely and quality inputs are provided for donor reports and other required documents.
5. Competencies
Core Values
Diversity and inclusion
Core competencies
Communication (II)
Working with people (I)
Drive for results (I)
Functional Competencies
Formulating strategies and concepts (I)
Analysing (II)
Applying technical expertise (II)
Learning and researching (II)
Planning and organizing (II)
6. Recruitment qualifications
A University Degree in international development, human rights, psychology, sociology, international law or any other social science field is required.
· A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in social development planning and management in child protection areas and in particular in the area of social inclusion of children with disabilities at the international and/or in a developing country is required.
· Proven understanding of the situation of people with disabilities in Tajikistan, in particular children and women with disabilities, is required.
· Experience in facilitating networking with NGOs and DPOs, preferably in the context of Tajikistan, is an added advantage. Knowledge of Community-Based Rehabilitation approach is required.
· Understanding of Communication for Social Change and social norms concepts is an added advantage.
· Relevant experience in programme/project development and management in a UN system agency or an international organization is an asset.
· Ability to perform and deliver results under tight deadlines. Solid writing, including report writing, and communications skills arenecessary.
Language requirements
Fluency in English, Tajikand Russian is required.
The link to reviewdetailed Terms of Reference would be available at the following links: www. untj. org/jobs, www. unicef. org/tajikistan/resources, www. facebook. com/uniceftajikistan.
The candidates who are interested to apply for the position should follow the electronic applications instructions at:
http: //jobs. unicef. org/cw/en-us/#/job/499819/child-protection-officer-nob-ta-dushanbe-tajikistan-pat-100078
It requires the applicant to upload the detailed CV and academic degrees/diplomas. UN candidates should uploadat least two latest performance evaluation reports.
Deadline for applications: 14 Nov. 2016
UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization


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