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требуется Medical doctor

ID: 4759
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Organization FSD
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Medical doctor
Closing date2016-09-27
Terms of reference (TOR) For Medical doctor
Medical doctor
FSD Environmental project / Tajikistan
Project No.
Sub. Project
Immediate Superior:
FSD Tajikistan Country/Program Director
Shall report to:
FSD Tajikistan Country/Program Director
The FSD is a nonprofit, independent, neutral organization, based in Geneva. The FSD eliminates and works towards reducing chemical and nuclear pollutants, landmines, and obsolete arms and ammunitions for a safer environment.
FSD’s Dushanbe office is looking for a Medical doctor to assist with the collection of data and implementation of survey of human diseases surrounding village No. 1 /Kumsangir Environmental project in Tajikistan.
General Responsibilities:
· Work as a Medical doctor to the FSD Environmental project in Kumsangir.
· Participate in the population survey in Jaihun area, Kahtlon oblast
· Enhance technical and health management skills through prepare of analytical reports and medical survey
· Responsible for priority setting of the medical resources in coordination with the PM/CD, Operations Officer
· Liaise with national medical facilities and emergency preparedness capacities
· Liaise and co-ordinate the day to day work with the PM/CD, the other Project Managers and other relevant partners
· He/She is directly responsible to the Country/Programme Director for the conducting of data collection of human diseases survey in Environmental project of Kumsangir within the Program.
· He/She is to keep the Country/program Director informed on all collected data of diseases.
· He/She is to utilize his expertise and knowledge, and is to ensure that the professional standards are maintained and built on.
· He/She is to ensure that the tasks set are achievable, safe, and are within the strategic interests of the program and of FSD in Tajikistan.
· To be obtained necessary permits;
· Develops and implements programs to increase environmental awareness among authorities and the public and demonstrates environmental protection techniques among the population impacted by hazards.
· Could support/advice health monitoring activities on relevant contaminant pathways and contaminant effects.
· To be familiar with relevant legislation and is able to follow relevant legislation updates.
· Experience with best international standards and practices are an asset.
· Fulfil other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Country/Program Director or FSD Headquarters.
Skills and Competencies:
· Diploma of medical doctor.
· Overall management of the medical issues, which includes planning and preparation of capacity building, preparation and priority setting of new tasks
· Conduct population survey and asses the heath condition of the Villages.
· Prepare and submit of medical – analytical report on identified and discovered diseases of the territory.
· Provide data for project development purposes.
· Conduct first aid training for village population and Environmental project staff.
· Conduct awareness training on toxins, pesticide and pathological waste.
· Develop a detailed Casualty Evacuation Plan.
· Responsible for establishing good management and quality assurance routines of medical equipment and medicines in the project.
· Set up good cooperation with the Local Authorities and International Non Governments Organisation (INGOs)
· Play an active role in managing the medical follow-up of operations through regular meetings with the key staff within the project on issues related to priority setting, planning new tasks and new areas of operation
· Co-ordinate and arrange the tasks with the medical team of FSD
· Minimum 2 years of experience with national or international organization.
· Tajik national or authorized to work in Tajikistan.
· English written and spoken preferable
· Computer and Internet literacy, in particular MS Office applications.
· Good organizational awareness.
· Ability to work under pressure and against tight deadlines and national awareness.
· Work within the framework of FSD Rules and Regulations and core values.
· Participate in regular team meeting.
· Ensure that monthly reports and statistics are presented on time.
· Act as liaison focal point between FSD and agents of the Tajik government with regard to matters concerning the project.
· Using his knowledge of Tajik culture and language, to keep the Country/program Director informed on developments within Tajikistan and alert him regarding possibly sensitive issues affecting the project
Additional Considerations:
The FSD Medical doctoris to abide by policies of FSD and is to act responsibly, professionally and loyally in the execution of his duties.
CV and cover letter with detailed explanation of the reasons to apply for this job and how applicants meet each of the essential requirements should be sent by e-mail to: pm. tajikistan@fsd. ch
Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview!
FSD is striving to be an equal gender opportunity employer and therefore encourages applications from women and the disabled.
Closing date for applications September 27th 2016


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