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требуется Livelihood Development Officer в Mercy Corps Tajikistan

ID: 4678
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Mercy Corps
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График работы:полный рабочий день
Livelihood Development Officer
Organization Mercy Corps Tajikistan
Closing date2016-09-20
Position Title: Livelihood Development Officer
Duty Station: Dushanbe with frequent travel to PPN communities
Position Category: Full-time /Regular
Mercy Corps works to promote sustainable development in Tajikistan through concentrated efforts in economic development, food security, health and nutrition, and strengthening of civil society. Program operations span four regions: the central Rasht Valley, Southwestern Khatlon Oblast and the areas around the capital, Dushanbe.
The proposed intervention is a 3-year program of Peaceful and Prosperous Neighbors (PPN) that enhances sustainable livelihood opportunities and protection, through the promotion of social integration and peaceful coexistence, for vulnerable refugee and Tajik migrant communities. These three components – livelihoods, integration and coexistence – have been designed to overlap and reinforce each other, and all contribute to the expansion of protection space for vulnerable beneficiaries from exploitation, economic dependence, potential violence or conflict, and human rights’ abuses.
Livelihood Development Officer leads the livelihood component of Peaceful and Prosperous Neighbors (PPN) to enhance livelihood and economic conditions and peaceful coexistence of vulnerable Afghan refugees and Tajik migrant communities. S/he will conduct relevant group discussion, vocational trainings by working with local stakeholders and partners.
This position is responsible for carrying out activities on Livelihood of PPN project in district level. S/he will provide leadership, coordination and supports community mobilizers, local authorities, partners in implementation of livelihood activities. The position is based in Dushanbe with travel to project sites in Rudaki and Vahdat districts.
1. Manage technical roll out of Livelihood development component within PPN to ensure project objectives, intermediate results and related indicators are achieved and measured in the designated program area.
2. Ensure that the execution of related activities is consistent with the initiative’s objectives and plans, integrated with other activities and is relevant to the PPN livelihood context; s/he will also contribute to the development of contingency plans to address anticipated challenges;
3. Support the design and implementation of a KAP baseline and post-project surveys;
4. Establish a system to monitor and evaluate project activities and impact on an on-going basis through regular site visits to monitor and supervise program activities;
5. Provide responsive, timely and accurate livelihood related reports to Program Manager and Mercy Corps Country Director;
6. Collaborate with Mercy Corps PPN program staff to create integrated plan for livelihood activities;
7. Work with local stakeholders, partners and government bodies to facilitate program activities are run in accordance with government approval and knowledge and that are supported by government or local government agencies;
8. Develop a plan with MC senior staff on the development of livelihood activities in the program target districts;
9. Regularly meet with the Project Manager to discuss project activities, as well as with other senior management to discuss scheduling and other practical requirements;
10. Lead the identification and development of training sessions to ensure that they are well prepared and have adequate resources to complete program objectives.
11. Assist in prepare donor reports, GoT monthly reports (as required) and beneficiary/project profiles. In addition, submit lessons learned reports on training activities or monitoring reports at the end of each session.
12. Ensures that Mercy Corps gender policies, PRM marking and branding policies are integrated and followed in the program at field level.
13. Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission.
14. Invest at least 5% of time in a structured learning, agreed with supervisor.
15. Other duties as assigned.
Ø Ability to provide guidance to field staff in the implementation, planning, coordination, and evaluation of the project and oversight of training designs and activities.
Ø Willingness and ability to perform field work and travel to project sites in Rudaki and Vadhat districts.
Ø Bachelor’s degree or Diploma holder (Education preferred).
Ø Minimum 2-years’ experience in project management or coordination.
Ø Demonstrated experience in livelihoods and/or market driven programming required
Ø Experience coaching staff on training or in workshops.
Ø Demonstrated abilities in planning, organizing and analysis and reporting.
Ø Excellent computer skills. Familiarity with Word, Excel
Ø Knowledge of English and Tajik/Farsi languages is essential.
ñ Must be a confident speaker to community members and governmental stakeholders. Conscientious with an excellent sense of judgment
ñ Willingness and ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people
ñ Excellent interpersonal skills
ñ Ability to work as part of a team and coordinate with project personnelDo This
ñ Ability to work simultaneously on multiple tasks
Please send your cover letter and CV with the subject Livelihood Development Officer to Email: tj-hr@mercycorps. org; uazimov@mercycorps. org; with the deadline September 20, 2016 no later than 17: 00 pm. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.


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