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Strategic Information Specialist for Tajikistan

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Strategic Information Specialist for Tajikistan
Closing date2016-09-16
Strategic InformationSpecialist for Tajikistan
National Program Coordinator
Deputy Director for Strategic Information
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
ICAP at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health supports high-quality HIV-related activities around the world. ICAP works with host countries and other organizations to build capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs. In the Central Asian region, ICAP receives PEPFAR funding from the U. S. Government (USG) through the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for implementation of the SUPPORT Project aimed to strengthen HIV-related strategic information systems and to build capacity for the provision of HIV prevention, care and treatment services.
The Strategic Information (SI) Specialist will work under the direct supervision of the National Project Coordinator in Tajikistan and close cooperation with Care and Treatment, HIV Prevention and HMIS specialists and other project stakeholders and Deputy Director for SI. He/she will provide technical and programmatic support in project efforts to build national and sub-national capacity to collect, analyse and use SI for more effective HIV program management and play an active role in ensuring comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of all ICAP project activities in the country. SI Specialist will contribute to successful implementation of project activities to achieve 90x90x90 targets.
1) Lead project efforts to build national and sub-national capacity to collect, analyse and use SI for HIV program management
Participate in the development of country specific technical assistance work plans for strengthening MOH M&E systems, including sentinel surveillance surveys and population size estimations;
Coordinate planning andleadimplementation of ICAP’s technical assistance to the national integrated bio-behavioural surveillance surveys and population size estimationsin Tajikistan;
Participate in the development of research protocols, training of field-staff, data collection, analysis and reporting of all CDC ADS-approved research activities;
Work closely with MOH technical staff to support and strengthen national and sub-national health management information systems (HMIS), includingEHCMS, EMR, e-IBBS, e-M&E and other systems, with the primary focus on the PEPFAR-supported sites;
Support MOH M&E teams to develop and implement good data management and quality assurance procedures for all HMIS supported by ICAP on the national and sub-national level, including during on-site DQA visits to check and improve quality of all data components, including epidemiological, laboratory and clinical data;
Participate in the development and/or updating of SOPs, guidelines, protocols on HIV surveillance and HMIS and other project documents as required;
Facilitate national and site-level capacity building trainings on SI-related issues.
2) Play an active role in ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation of all ICAP project activities in the country
· Conduct M&E activities of the project, including regular on-site monitoring visits to monitor implementation of site-specific and specialist-specific (nurses, coordinators, physicians, etc) plans;
· Participate in the development of project’s annual and quarterly workplans and targets, including disaggregation of national targets by facilities and quarters;
· Provide technical assistance to ICAP Care and Treatment, HIV Prevention and HMIS Specialists and CDC staff for retrieving and analyses of routinely collected aggregate EHCMS, EMR, IBBS, population size estimation, mapping, program assessment and other data to inform program improvement and decision-making, including during the ROP development;
· Work closely with the ICAP’s Care and Treatment, HIV Prevention and HMIS Specialists on collection and verification of ICAP’s key progress indicators, as well as collect other information requested by the donor or required for program monitoring purposes;
· Coordinate activities on the use of HTC_TST database, including checking, processing and aggregation data;
· Coordinate and manage national consultants as required;
3) Perform other SI-related responsibilities as assigned;
4) Contribute to the preparation of annual and quarterly workplans;
5) Act as a facilitator or trainer in areas of his/her knowledge as required;
6) Other duties as required by ICAP Regional Office and the National Project Coordinator
· Medical degree, preferably in epidemiology
· Advanced degree in epidemiology and/or biostatistics is an asset.
· At least 5 years of practical experience working on M&E of development projects.
· Practical experience working on HIV, sentinel surveillance and population size estimations is an asset.
· Proven practical experience developing guidelines, training curricula and standard operating procedures for SI-related programs;
· Proven practical experience in program development and project management including training or mentorship experience;
Experience and knowledge of HMIS, electronic medical records systems and deployment of database systems for patient and program monitoring is an asset.
· Ability to manage several major activities simultaneously;
· Strong team player with proven ability to work with staff at all levels;
· Self-starter and fast-learner;
· Ability to travel for 5-7 days every two months to different sites across the country and within Central Asia.
· Advanced knowledge and skills in data management and statistical analysis;
· Excellent oral and written communication skills;
· Fluent in Russian. Strong command of the English language and knowledge of Tajik is an asset;
· At least intermediate computer proficiency allowing the person touse and create a variety of templates, complex tables, merges; manage table data, sort and filter merges,
and also perform basic work with existing Macros. Ability tocustomize toolbars, import and insert graphs, embed Excel data, and elaborate reports.
Место работы: Офис ICAP в Душанбе
Deadline: 17: 00 16 сентября 2016.
Все желающие, могут прислать свои документы (CV, cover letter, 2 рекомендательных письма) по электронному адресу: n. anvarova@icap. tj, s. kholov@icap. tj, vacancies@icap. kz
или в распечатанном виде по следующему адресу: ул. Бохтар 37/1, комната 304, Душанбе, Таджикистан, Бизнес-центр "ВЕФА". По всем вопросам пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами по телефону: 48- 701-51-28 or 48-701-51-29


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